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Guide Danny Chen and Dean on top of Balangshan Pass (4,523 meters, 14,485 ft.)

Rainer is ready for the road

Stupas at Tagong Monastery

Emmanuel and Liny on the way to the Tibet border

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Cycling in the countryside of Chengdu KLM Flight Crews Explore Chengdu by Bike
Cycling in the countryside of Chengdu Sichuan Bike Tour Photos
Changsha - Baskets anyone? Adele and David Arthur's Photos of Bikes in China
Yumay on the road in Chengdu Roger and Yumay's Honeymoon Bike Tour Through Sichuan Province from Chengdu to Juizhaigou
A happy buyer! Rainer is ready for the road. Rainer Mautz in Hunan and Guizhou
Mark feeding a panda at Wolong Mark in Western Sichuan
Pete fording a stream across the road Carol and Pete in Sichuan and Yunnan
Emmanuel and Liny on the Tibetan Plateau Liny, Emmanuel and Frank in Western Sichuan
Barry And Joyce in Shangri-La Barry and Joyce in Yunnan
Andrew and Godspeed Paul and Andrew's China Bike Tour Photos
Chengdu Bike Cclub.jpg Dean's Western Sichuan Tour to Danba

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